Dear Customers: H&R Computers Shop is temporary shut. Our business is still open and we are providing all services online. For any queries please call: 07424 637460

About Us

We always have a large stock of refurbished second hand Laptops. Prices vary but a basic laptop to get on the internet would usually be around £75 – £100 to a Dual Core high specification Laptop around £150 – £200.

Please telephone or visit the shop and find out what is in stock . If you want to upgrade you existing laptop to a newer model we will also consider a part exchange. Ours stock of laptops varies from day to day as we have a large turn over.

If you want to sell your old laptop please contact us as we are always looking to buy good quality or broken laptops. Before you take the laptop to the re-cycle centre please contact us first as you will be pleasantly surprised what we will give for it.

H&R computers are the complete solution for PC and Laptop repairs. If parts are not needed most repairs can be done within 24 hours. Repairs can be made to Apple Macintosh and windows operated computer systems. We will undertake small and large repairs for example a small repair might be replacing a missing key on a keyboard or repairing some cosmetic damage to larger more complicated jobs like a complete motherboard or screen replacement.

We also specialize in Removing computer viruses, Data recovery/backing up, and replacing Windows operating systems. We have a large stock of parts so most repairs and hardware upgrades can be completed quickly and at a very reasonable price so before you give up on your computer please ask us for a quote.

Located in St Mary Street a short walk from Southampton city centre. We have set up our shop and business to help the private user and will help you sort out your computer problems and talk to you in a way you can understand rather than confuse you in “computer talk”. Most repairs are done within 24 hours. We repair both Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.

General Laptop/PC Repairs. We also repair Apple Macintosh computers.
Hardware upgrades
Repairing damage
Removing Viruses and Spam
Data recovery and backup
If required we can re-install operating systems for Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.
(Please ask if you have any other problems)
We Sell used laptops, parts and accessories
We also buy working and non-working laptops